June 17, 2011

Cricket, Cricket

Hello darling readers,

I know it has been over a week since I've posted. I'm quite ashamed as usual. I tend to get caught up in working and then just laze around or hang out with friends and family. Honestly, most of the time my laptop is off in its case. I have an iPhone which almost eliminates the need for a computer on a regular basis. I can look at everything on my phone! But that is no excuse. 

I have lots of great pictures from Ben and Jill's wedding weekend, and I can't wait to share a few with you all! That will be my next post.. Maybe with a few pictures from Hunter's graduation and our trip to Florida! 

I'm pretty ashamed that I have yet to upload those pictures!! Next Thursday I'm going back to Florida for my final visit of the summer before Hunter moves much closer to me (4 hours closer to be exact!)

I feel like the summer is absolutely zooming by. In two weeks, I'm off to England for sixteen days. We are making the trek across the pond for my oldest sister's wedding, to meet my sweet baby niece (her name is Kitty Alexandra, how cute!) and to visit with both my mother's and father's sides of the family. It is going to be quite the family reunion.

And I'm sure I'll be able to make a little time for some London shopping :)

Pictures will be up soon!

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