September 21, 2012

Hello from Nottingham!

After being in Nottingham for a little over four days now, I can finally say I'm settled enough to sit down and write a new blog post--sorry for the delay!

It has been a whirlwind past few days, but it gets easier and more exciting each day! I have to admit-- when Kaitlin, Caroline and I stepped off of the plane into the insanity of London Heathrow airport with our whole lives packed into one checked bag, a carry on and a backpack, realizing we had uprooted our lives and moved to another country for three months--was a daunting experience to say the least.

Upon arriving we were met by Nottingham volunteers who took us our shuttles that would take us to Nottingham. After a three hour bus ride and some much needed snoozing, we were finally on campus! 

We have been living in temporary halls for the duration of the International Student Welcome Program in which we have information sessions, and various other activities. Being in a new place is utterly exhausting! Even a simple walk around campus, trying to find our way in this very new place, requires a nap afterwards. 

We have already met some incredible people and some new friends! The international presence here is quite a change from College of Charleston!! At University of Nottingham, one third of the students are international!

Yesterday we ventured into the Nottingham city centre and navigated the public transit system (something very foreign to us Charlestonians!) A quick bus ride to the city center was followed by some shopping and setting up our international pay-as-you-go phones and a nice lunch at hip little spot called Revolution. We are still figuring out the buses--our bus ride back took at least an hour! (one of our many trial and errors!)

Here's a few pics to give you an idea of where we are--

And here are a few pictures of campus (so lush and green!)

Don't let the pictures fool you--We have had our fair share of overcast weather 
and drizzly rain (live how the English live, right?)

On Wednesday night we had our first legal drink at the on campus bar, Mooch. School-sponsored consumption of alcohol is definitely still a novelty for the American students!

Thursday night we attended a welcome party for the international students put on by NUSEX (sounds naughtier than it is) which stands for Nottingham University Student Exchange Society at a club called Coco Tang. Night life in England is SO different from back in the States. I think we all have a new found love for a bit of techno music :)

Tonight we are taking it easy, because tomorrow we are moving into our halls for the semester. Kaitlin and I will be moving into Cripps Hall and Caroline will be in a neighboring hall called Lenton and Wortley. We plan on exuding hall pride and enjoying the upcoming "Freshers Week" (Fresher = Freshman). 

In the afternoon tomorrow we hope to visit the Nottingham Castle and grab a drink at Ye Olde Jerusalem, which is the oldest pub in England! 

Can't wait to keep you all updated on the rest of my adventures!

Until next time-- I will be sipping my tea and embracing my inner Englishness!


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  1. Great to hear an update! So glad the start to your new adventure is going so well!!!