September 10, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hello lovely readers!

I'm back! After a year long hiatus (embarrasing, I know.)

I felt it was time to start up the old blog due to the fact that I now have something exciting to blog about...


Two of my best friends (and roommates) and I are venturing over the pond to study abroad in Nottingham, England at the University of Nottingham for three months of culture, travel and many cups of tea (hot English tea, not sweet Southern tea).

Speaking of tea...

The two friends--Kaitlin and Caroline, also started blogs to document our travels you can kind Kaitlin's cute blog, Sweet Tea Time (catchy, huh?) here:

and Caroline's new blog, Caroline Uprooted, right here:

Anyways, with a week left until departure I have a lot to get done, like packing my whole life into one suitcase, a carry on, and a personal item.

I also have to:

  • Buy Skype Premium (Can't neglect my love, Mr. Chandler, now can I? :)
  • Plan some weekend trips (Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Scotland, and Ireland anyone?)
  • Compile a list of my family members and friends in Europe and mark where they live on a big map of the UK (I'm a dual citizen with almost all of my family in England, remember?)
  • Contact credit card companies
  • Find a new book to read (Any suggestions? I've been lost ever since I finished the Fifty Shades trilogy)
  • Narrow down what shoes and outerwear I'm going to pack (Hardest thing on my to-do list)
  • Say some final goodbyes to my darling kitties, parents and Hunter (Three months will go in a flash!)
That's just a taste of my expansive to do list that haunts me at night--Better get on it!

Until next post...


P.S. In case you are new here, I would read this blog post which gives you a little more info about me!

Note: Of course, the post above is a tad old...I'm now a junior at CofC, living with 2 girls and have been dating Hunter for almost three years! :)

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